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Here it finally is! My second major giveaway just in time for the beginning of summer con season.

- Like & reblog to enter.
- US & Canada only, sorry to other international entrants. I cannot afford to ship worldwide.
- No giveaway blogs. Sideblogs are ok, but blank blogs with just giveaway posts will be skipped.
- Must be willing to provide shipping address.
- You do not have to be following me, but followers get more prizes.

Winner info:
- Winners will be chosen by random number generator.
- Due to the current trend of large giveaway winners being harassed, the winner will be announced by a first name of their choice. No URL will be shown unless the winner gives permission.
- You have 24 hours to claim your prize before I pick a new winner.

- Any one cosplay piece (ex: Troll/kid shirt, SnK jacket or cloak, Free! jacket)
- Any wig under $50 from Arda (or another site if you prefer)
- 1 pallet any color face paint (doesn’t have to be Ben Nye)
- 1 pair contact lenses (from Pinkyparadise, Honeycolor, or Eyesbright)
- A choice of any 2 salon-grade haircare products
- Extra goodies!!! Asian market goods and candy assortment of your choosing

The main winner gets their choice of 4 of the above. Followers choose 5. If you follow me and also like my Facebook Page, you get everything shown.
TWO additional winners will get an assortment of asian market goodies and candy, and if they’re following me they will also be eligible for a $10 gift card to any fast food place or restaurant of their choosing.

Ends Sunday September 7.
FAQ and proof of past winner here.

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Every Hit Song from 1999 in one video. Watch this if you want to be instantly transported to 1999

what a time to be alive

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sad again

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fe13 palette meme requests! i wanted to throw all the fes into one post but there were too many, so the older games will get their own post once i finish them all;;

couldnt resist having gerome and morgan match since theyre my precious kids :”)

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The Beach Boys / Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Vocals Only)

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love bird has a wash (source)

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